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This year is probably not the perfect time for anyone. With the economic mess, most people are scrambling. And here comes April 15th – and yet another deadline to file your income taxes.

 Depending on how well you are organized, this task may take from a few minutes, to,  days of sheer agony.  You  know you have been looking for easier ways just to get out of the grind – atleast for a few months until you have more breathing time. Fortunately, the IRS has provided a way to do this – its called a Tax Extension.

What is a Tax Extension ?

tax-extensionA Tax Extension is a request sent to the IRS to give you additional time to file your tax return. Typically you will be given until Oct 15th to file your tax return instead of April 15th. This means you get 6 additional months to prepare and file your tax return.
The extension of time is granted only for filing the tax return not to any tax money due to be paid to the IRS. Any taxes due to be paid, still needs to be paid by April 15th.

If however you are sure that you will get a refund back from the IRS, but you just need some additional time to you can file for a tax extension. A tax extension gives you until  Oct 15th to prepare and file your tax return. That is six additional months!

How Do You File For A Tax Extension

A tax extension can be filed by filling in and sending Form 4868.  Or you can file  your tax extension  online. The online process will walk you through the whole process real quickly. At the end of it you can e-file your tax extension.  

Can You File Your Tax Extension Online

Yes. There are IRS approved vendors with whom you can prepare and file your Tax Extension. You can even e-file the tax extension. The advantage of e-filing is that you get an immediate confirmation number from the IRS.

See is one of a  few IRS approved vendors who do an Online Tax Extension.


3 Responses to “Tax Extensions – File Tax Extensions Online”
  1. Steve says:

    I just used and it was a breeze – thanks for the recommendation! I didn’t realize getting a tax extension was so easy to do.

  2. mbeep31 says:

    I used FileLater last year and plan on using it this year too (whenever I get my act together!!!).


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